For most this diet just works and does wonders. The weight loss program and all the diet plans, recipes we have here are extremely healthy, natural, low calorie and low carb.
Note that the recommended ingredients while are natural and easily available in Indian homes. They are made to give you the required vitamins, minerals, carb, fat and calorie the human body needs. Our meal plans are rightly complete, balanced and rightly nutritious

While Team STRU has extensively researched, analyzed & experimented arriving at our plans here, we do appreciate the fact that some people find elongated times to show positive results.
If you suffer from any issues such as Thyroid, Allergies or more critically diabetes, or hormonal imbalances and have been frequently under medical care or supervision, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor, get tested if necessary, before you start our plans. Discuss with your doctor about our dietary recommendations.
Our diet plans are natural, made with generally available ingredients in our homes and kitchens. STRU has summarized the Dietary Plans recommended here based on extensive research of our ancient, traditional and time-tested culinary diet with deeply thought through ideas of what works naturally and are best for generally every one of us.

Results have extensively shown that people lose about 1-2 kilos by the end of the first week. Expect to notice losing inches around the tummy and midriff. Users have shown more dramatic results while the expectation is around 3 to 4 kilos in a month.

Note that our objective is to enable a Life-Style change that keeps our Plan users healthy, right weighted and naturally fit. The diet will be a greater starter to lose weight and inches over the initial two-month cycle coupled with walk and other simple exercises.
Sustained maintenance is possible only when users make and commit to lifestyle changes. Our Plans are natural, stress free and easy to prepare. More importantly the recipes in the diet are super tasty!

Our recipes, while are intended to be tasty and limit calorie intake, should help you shed kilos naturally. Exercise will only hasten the process of weight loss and we recommend that you make a committed start.
This diet is also ideal for people who don’t or cannot move. So, people of age or with disabilities should find it easy to adopt and feel right.
Overweight kids can also follow our plans. We strongly urge and recommend doctor consultations before following our diet plans in those cases that need monitored medical care.

The ten-day diet should be ideal for such of you who wish to reduce a small few kilos. Observations have shown that people get a size lower in their dress sizes in our ten-day plan. In rare cases STRU has observed results that have had a complete make over effect.
Our Maintenance Packs work for sustained weight loss or even weight balancing needs.

The Maintenance Packs just work. Logically too. Reducing calorie intake and salt works. Consistent results have shown weight loss of a kilo or more per month.

We are associated with several nutritionists and dieticians who approve our plans of being natural, logical and reasonable. Users can consult our nutritionists with prior appointments.
More interestingly STRU also encourages you to consult your own dietician with our plans.

Yes, targeted exercises work best and to your advantage with our programs. Note that our diet plans while being natural, super tasty, are actually calorie deficit. Therefore, the calorie deficit or right calorie diet with target workouts can create wonders.

We do send deliver special packs directly to your doorstep.

STRU’s fat-cutter tea is a naturally prepared, tasty drink to curbs hunger pangs, carb- cravings. It has all the ingredients that greatly boost immunity and provide the necessary nourishment. With time observations have shown that users prefer Fat-Cutter Tea to any other drink.
We therefore strongly recommend that you use the Fat-Cutter Tea as a necessary daily routine, at least through our diet program.

STRU has special packages for personal consultation and daily monitoring. You can choose to work with the STRU team more closely for daily/regular monitoring, suggestions, talk partners or even just a friend to get you rightly fit.

STRU has weekly and monthly programs with recipes. Opt-in or subscribe to our packs for a sustained, positive healthy living. Users starting with STRU’s the Two-Month pack with the Maintenance Programs have found great results

STRU programs don’t differentiate or discriminate between any dietary preference or choice. We recommend our users to stick to their preferences while only following lower calorie plans. Our plans are suitable for vegetarians, Jain’s, vegans or even those preferring nonveg as part of their normal daily diet.

STRU not only allows it also suggests a quick deviation!! Do go wild but just once in a while! STRU also has a host of recipes that you can try during these ‘cheat days’ that are super tasty, easy to make and yet super healthy!
Sticking to the plan and a calorie deficit (800-1000 calories per day) with once in a while ‘cheat days’ is equally sustaining and beneficial. Have that craving pizza for lunch skip breakfast with a light meal for dinner. Remember the dinner should be the lightest meal of the day!
STRU’s plans are simple and not tough to inculcate

Do not mistake STRU’s diet for a gym diet. STRUE does not levy any restrictions on your food preferences. We do not even push you to exercise though exercise is naturally highly recommended for everyone. People with physical impairments or even kids can follow our programs.
STRU’s programs merely and Naturally modifies recipes to make them tasty and aid the calorie deficit need.

The only deep expense STRU guarantees is the weight loss. Our programs are not only highly economical they are specifically meant for the masses. STRU’s aim is to make our ideas, thoughts and programs available to everyone and not to any specific category of people.
We believe that Vocal for Local should apply to our diet plans as well.