STRU’s Logic to Weight Management


A typical normal day is made of three meals and two short eats which makes up about 1500 calories. In the event that the food we consume is mostly junk, the calorie count can shoot up to about 2000 to 2500 calories a day.
Workouts at the gym or a 8-10k walk a day burns about 450 to 500 calories. And our day to day activities like sleeping, eating, desk or house work burns an additional 350 to 400 calories a day.
So a typical daily calorie with exercise is about 800 calories. Our body is left with an excess of 700 to 1200 calories a day.
Our body stores this excess calorie as Fat..
Flip Side: Some people eat a lot of calories and yet do not seem to put on weight because their body metabolism rate could be really high Or somehow their body type doesn’t allow fat storage.


Our body stores fat for any future use, including for those times where there is scarcity. In today’s world that situation is a rarity. Everyday as we eat the body converts the food to glucose which gets readily absorbed during our day to day activities. The excess is stored as fat and these reserves are never tapped into.
So how do we tap into these fat reserve? We simply control carbs and calorie intake… 
If we consume less than we need (but the right amount) for a certain time and allow the body to get used to lower calorie intake with a new lifestyle, the body automatically loses the excess stored fat.
STRU proposes meal / diet plans with the right and necessary nutrients. We recommend natural supplements if need be. This will be discussed in detail later.



STRU strongly recommends and advocates food prepared in our kitchen, nothing out of the ordinary, with a few minor in-house modifications.
  1. Calorie intake reduces as per our daily limits leading to a healthy lifestyle change
  2. With STRU’s diet you don’t lose muscle, only the excess fat
Lifestyle change!

What If You Gain Weight Back....

A few changes in your diet will help you to get back into shape. The instance you realize a change make the dietary changes we have recommended here and get back to your desired weight and size!

STRU's Diet Rationale

STRU's concept is not new but definitely rich and yields best results. From early stone humans had to chase animals and were being chased at times. They would at times go without food for days. Man in stone age was fit and fine while he lived. Obesity was unknown

In the more recent times, our dietary pattern has considerably changed; we now have three big meals a day plus two snacks and endless coffee and tea. The Result - More than 40% of the population is obese.

STRU's Diet Plan of cutting down on calories helps overcome obesity and also makes you more alert, flexible and better metabolism.