TWO MONTH PLAN is ideal as a… 

STRU’s Two-Month extended plan post the Ten-Day Quick Fix plan is a unique concept that helps you change redefine Lifestyle with your food, health and eating habits. 

The Program will teach and work with you how to eat healthy even if you eat out or are on a travel. Be sure to generally follow the routine, or course correct if you stray or have to break the course on some days.

There will be days when you are forced to binge or eat that extra or eat out which deviates from the set plan. Do remember to get back to the routine from the next meal on and back into the program.

The program guides you through the experience of reduced calories leading to weight/inch loss. STRU recommends that you stick to the plan and not fall for any external or internal food cravings.

As the saying goes “Data is the new God!”, we expect you to take daily measurements of your weight, waist and observe the reduction in the fat around tummy, chin and arms.

Compare and observe the results of weight/inch loss due to the reduction in calories.

Follow the suggested recipes, time guides and intake, as recommended, to ensure the Quick Fix Programs leading to best results.


- While You Are In The Program




  • Make yourself the fat cutter tea. Make a liter of it and sip it all through the day or as and when you find those craving pangs
  • You can also have coconut water and watermelon water



When you feel hungry you can add soaked chia 4 tablespoons to the juice and have it without sugar. It shall satiate your hunger and keep you full for few hours.
Chia or Dal do not alter the taste of the juice, salad or smoothie that you add it to. 



Option 1.
Pan toasted vegetables and egg (for those of you who prefer Non-veg, boiled chicken or fish or prawn can also be added). Such as mushrooms, one fist full boiled chana (white, black and green) capsicum and diced onions (big pieces). Toss these in one tablespoon ghee and roast it well. Add a beaten egg if you wish. Mix it well, till egg is cooked.

Option 2.

Ragi or Multigrain Slurry:

  • Mix one cup of roasted Ragi flour or a Multigrain mix. These are generally available of the shelf in any departmental or superstore in one cup of water. Separately boil 2 cups of water and add the ragi or multi grain mix to the boiled water
  • Boil till it cooks well for 5 minutes on a medium flame. After its cooked (ensure its cooked well) add a little buttermilk and little black salt, or a little jaggery and half a cup of milk
  • Mix half a glass of soaked chia to the Ragi mix and garnish with a little ghee (half tablespoon of ghee should do)

Option 3.

Mix Veg Pan Cake: This makes for a good breakfast….

  • Take 2 cups of mix vegetables chopped. (onions, carrots, beans, spinach, capsicum, potatoes) (for those who prefer non-veg you can add egg or chicken to the pan cakes)
  • Add ½ a cup of flour of your choice – be it jowar / chickpea flour / whole wheat / maida (white flour). Mix both and season the mix with salt & pepper
  • Spread it thinly on a cold non-stick pan. Trun on the heat and add a little butter to make it crisp. Have one mix veg pan cake but do note that this mix makes 2 big pan cakes
    Have one for breakfast and save one for lunch if you feel like it.


Ensure that you have fruits and vegetables stocked up at home all the time.


  • Try and skip breakfast or delay the time for breakfast. Here’s a suggestion – Have breakfast initially for 2 or 3 days and then slowly start delaying and eventually skipping breakfast
  • Skip breakfast and have an early lunch. Eventually you will get used to skipping meals! Aiding the delayed breakfast is a light lunch
  • You will feel the pain of delaying or skipping breakfast for a few days. But once you get used to it then the going becomes a cake walk!!


Option 1:

For lunch you can have One Chapati with.

  • Steamed vegetables – tossed in ghee or butter with black salt, pepper and other spices like chicken masala or garam masala OR
  • Black Chana Hummus
    (Preparation: Boil 1 cup of black chana till it gets soft; add one green chilli, 2 cloves of garlic, coriander leaves, 3 tablespoons of curd, black salt and a little pepper. Blend all these in a blender till you get a smooth paste of Black Chana Hummus. There are several possible variations of these available online. We suggest that you check for other combinations you might like and share with us!!) Store it in a tin and keeps well for one week in the refrigerator.

Spread black chana hummus in a thick layer on the chapati and spread the steamed vegetables and have the roll for lunch.

Option 2:

Another option is to have the ‘Mix Veg Pancake’ made for breakfast as an alternative to chapati lunch

Option 3:

Chia Salad:

  • Choose any vegetable of your choice. The Choice of vegetables can be – pumpkin, carrots, capsicum, potato sweet potato, beetroot, lauki, brinjal, radish or raw tomatoes, cucumber or anything else you might like
  • Grate or chop it really fine (total one cup raw vegetable needed)
  • Roast with 1 or 2 tablespoon ghee, salt and pepper. Cook till the vegetable is well cooked and gets soft
  • After it cools down, add thick curd (half cup) and half cup of soaked chia to the well cooked vegetable. Alternately,
    • If u don’t want to add chia, you can choose to have the salad with 1 chapati or half a cup of rice
    • 1/2 a cup of Cooked Oats can be added to this salad thereby avoiding chapati or rice
    • It can be garnished with mustard Jeera and Hing (asafetida) for more flavor

Please refer to the recipe section for more low-calorie recipes as lunch alternatives

  • Fat cutter tea or your regular coffee (if you normally have tea / coffee with sugar, then we suggest that you try and reduce sugar – day by day). In a week you should be able to give up the sugar addition completely. 2 biscuits can be added to the tea serving
  • If You feel hungry, a boiled egg or few almonds (6 numbers) can also be had;
  • Or try half a banana at this time

Other Options would be:

  • Go for a glass of coconut water or
  • A small fruit bowl (Try Diced or Pan Fried or Grilled Pineapple)

  • Please stick to the Chia Pudding as in One-Week Quick Fix Plan
    • With Chia Pudding the main intention is to cut out salt from your diet at night
    • Use low calorie fruits such as papaya, musk melon, watermelon and apple
    • A few pieces of banana, mango or grapes can also be included


  • Soak 2 tablespoons of chia in a glass of water for about half an hour
  • Add half a cup of milk + 2 tablespoons of jaggery
  • One tablespoon flax seed powder
  • 3 to 4 tablespoons of granola or 3 tablespoons of oats cooked in milk
  • Mix the ingredients in a bowl. Set it aside for few minutes till all swells up and have this for dinner.

For a change or as possible alternatives for dinner, please have a look into various Soup, Smoothie, Snack recipes from our website.

Two Month Plan:
(Important Diet Pointers)

  • Total calorie intake should not cross 800 calories
  • Walking 10000 steps daily and, if possible, include ankle weights during these walks to burn more calories
  • For all preparations use low calorie Vegetable and Fruits
  • Stop using oil of any kind. We recommend Ghee and Butter. Yes, you heard us right!!!
    Use Ghee or Butter which are healthier and more nutritious
  • Use black salt instead of white table salt
  • When you are on a calorie deficit such as our Two-Month Plan, target workouts really help. Try some of our recommended Target Workouts

Check all our recipes that fit in your 250 to 300 calorie brackets to include or have as alternates to lunch and dinner options.

Hey!! Sunday’s can be Cheat Day’s. So have fun!!

  • Every Sunday you can have a cheat lunch under 400 calories but stick to Chia Pudding for dinner. This helps to cut the salt out


Rightly, followed our Two-Month Weight Loss Program can give you great results, helping you lose both weight and inches.



  • Try black salt to normal salt for your diet for this week

  • Go strictly dinner without salt

  • Cutting out salt by 1/3rds helps reduce puffiness and water retention



  • Delay Breakfast if you can’t Skip

  • Eventually Skip while in the Program – Skipping breakfast facilitates big calorie reductions per day



  1. If you feel hungry try a glass of coconut water or even a boiled egg
  2. Use black chana (Bengal Gram) for hummus as it’s low in calories and has high fiber compared to white chana
  3. Follow this diet for a week and see amazing results.
  4. Alternative to chapati: You can have half a cup of rice or try the soup recipes from the wide variety of soups (all soups are generally low calorie)



  • Include walking 10000 steps in your daily schedule to see 2 to 3 kilo weight loss or loss of inches from your trouble zones

  • Include half a kilo ankle weights while walking. This gives best results (Try Wear ankle weights for 15 to 20 minutes initially later can be increased)